Attendance and Reporting Absence


Research shows there is a direct relationship between good attendance and academic success. Therefore, our students are expected to attend lessons regularly and punctually.

References for UCAS applications or job applications all ask for attendance statistics so it is essential that students attend all 6th Form lessons and enrichment.  Students should also ensure that they arrive promptly for the start of the day as well as to all lessons.

Reporting Absence

Students under the age of 18 must inform their 6th Form Tutor or the 6th Form Administrator on 01202 398451 ext 601 or option 4 of any occasions when they are unable to attend with a note or phone call from their parents. Emails reporting an absence may be sent to:

Students over the age of 18 should speak directly to their tutor, phone in themselves or send an email. 

Reasons for authorised absence Unacceptable reasons for absence
  • Religious holiday
  • Visit to University open day/ interview
  • Participation in a school organised trip
  • Attendance at a funeral
  • Bereavement of close relative/friend
  • Driving test (not theory test)
  • Illness (with supporting note/phone call/email)
  • Emergency medical appointment
  • Driving lessons or theory test
  • Part time or full time work
  • Leisure activities
  • Looking after people for whom the student is not identified as a carer
  • Dental or routine medical appointments
  • Holidays

6th Form students' attendance will be monitored and any concerns dealt with as follows:

  • We monitor AM registration and attendance to lessons and study periods.
  • If attendance continues to fall without good reason and the student has not made efforts to improve, parents will be informed, the student could be withdrawn from exams and may have to seek alternative provision.
  • Costs from any alterations to exam entries due to poor attendance will be passed on to the student.