Year 12 A Level History

This Is What Our Students Have To Say...

Why students enjoy the subject.

"I am currently in my first year of A level History, studying Britain from 1918 to 1997 and America from 1955 to 1992. We study culture, society, politics and other really interesting topics. Studying this course has helped me make the decision to pursue History at University."

An account of a lesson, the course, a visit or speaker that really inspired them.

"In February this year, Mr Robjohn and Miss England took a group of A Level and GCSE students to Berlin and it was an amazing experience. The most stand out moment for me was the German National History Museum as we learnt about Germany under the rule of Hitler. Becky Nicholls, Miss England and I were astounded by it and it became my favourite moment of the trip."

"The Lessons From Auschwitz Programme is an educational course run by the Holocaust Educational Trust. The aim of the course is to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust and to highlight what can happen if prejudice and racism become acceptable in society. The course itself involved an orientation seminar in Exeter, a one-day visit to Poland to tour some of the main sites of the Holocaust and a follow up seminar, also in Exeter.

Throughout the course we found ourselves questioning our understanding of the Holocaust, those involved with some of the horrific events which took place and what the Holocaust was and is. By visiting these historical sites and spending time discussing our thoughts within groups we were able to assess the Holocaust, the impact it had on Jewish culture and life as well as the lasting impact still seen in the world today."