Year 13 A Level Sociology

This Is What Our Students Have To Say...

Why students enjoy the subject.

“Sociology has not only opened my eyes to real, important issues and hidden beliefs in contemporary society, but it’s also give me the knowledge and understanding to be able to find solutions and provide explanations of these happenings.”

An account of a lesson, the course, a visit or speaker that really inspired them.

"Sociology has not only improved my knowledge of the world we live in and UK society, it has greatly developed my writing skills and abilities. During sociology we analyse many different theories and explanations for how society works around us whilst also learning to better develop these answers through examining faults and inconsistencies. Throughout the course I’ve learned to critique, evaluate and analyse a wide range of sociological theory, whilst finding correlations and hard to spot links between other writers. I have been able to use and implement these skills in my other A Level subjects."