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Avonbourne Breakfast Club

7.30am to 8.20am

The Canteen provides a range of healthy food, prepared on the premises by friendly staff.

  • Breakfast provides fuel for college and boosts brain power.  
  • Eating breakfast improves classroom performance, including better test scores and grades.
  • Breakfast increases children’s ability to focus and concentrate on college work.
  • Breakfast decreases behaviour problems, tardiness and visits to the college nurse.
  • Breakfast increases attendance rate.
  • Breakfast helps parents.

Breakfast Club Menu

Bread rolls £1.05
Bacon £0.50
Yogurts from 50p
Toast, butter & jam £0.40
Fruit £0.35
Cereal & milk £0.60
Cereal bars £0.60
A range of soft drinks from 35p
Bacon Rolls £1.00
Bacon & cheese rolls £1.15

If a student requires something not on the menu, we can always make something up.

Extra Curricular Activities

At Avonbourne there are a variety of activities and clubs that students can become involved in to improve their skills or develop their ability in a new activity. The list below is an example of the activities available which are run at lunchtimes and after the college day.


Big Question Orchestra
Duke of Edinburgh Geography catchup STEM
Study Club Gymnastics  Christian Union
DT Challenge Art G&T  Science BTEC catchup 
English (KS3 & 4) Textiles Design GCSE & A Level Science Clinic GCSE
Learning Support Homework Club Digi Steps Computing
Badminton Netball Football
Choir  Fitness/Rowing Watersports
Drumming/Ukelele  Nature Club G&T Music 
Soul Band Minecraft Drama Club Yrs 9 & 10
GCSE Maths Revision Year 11 Higher Drama Club Yrs 7 & 8 Korfball
Cookery Competition Years 9 & 10 Amnesty/Red Cross Vocal Group
The Great Avonbourne Bake Years 7, 8 & 9 Textiles Year 7 & 8 Textiles GCSE

Healthy Eating

Avonbourne is a healthy school and as such healthy eating is high on the agenda. Learning what constitutes a healthy diet is a cross curricular topic, which is studied by students in their Food Technology, Science and PSHE lessons. Students can see this in action when visiting our canteen where care is taken to serve healthy, balanced meals.

In addition, fizzy drinks are not permitted within the college and students are encouraged to drink water during the day.

Avonbourne College is also actively involved with Bournemouth University and their VeggiEat research project on increasing vegetable consumption within the young.


Students at Avonbourne receive PSHE once a week. The topics covered in these lessons are wide ranging and aim to develop all aspects of the students’ personal, social and health education. A few examples of the topics students cover include bullying, drugs, healthy eating, peer pressure, sexual health and careers.

In PSHE lessons, students develop skills which help them to consider situations from various angles and express their opinions as well as learning how to stay healthy and make positive life decisions. The PSHE activities and discussions are designed to give students time to reflect on their personal development and consider how the choices they make as teenagers and young adults will shape their life in the future.

The primary aim of the PSHE sessions is to help our students develop into socially mature young ladies who have the knowledge and confidence to be able to live happy and healthy lives both now and after they have left the college.


The aim of Addaction is to help transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems.

The programme is designed to not only help the individual recover from their dependency, but also to offer support to those closest to them. Working with families and loved ones forms a major part of Addaction's treatment ethos. The service is:

  • delivered in partnership
  • provided locally, supported nationally
  • family focused
  • designed to offer a range of treatment options.

The programme works on three key areas a young person’s development; keeping safe, keeping healthy and enjoyment and achievement.


Students are referred to the school nurse by the Pastoral Head due to any medical difficulties that may be affecting their education. This could be due to concentration, nutrition or underlining medical issues. Students and or parents can also request a referral by speaking to the Pastoral Head. All meetings with the school nurse are confidential and information is not passed to the college unless it is an issue of safety.

Turnaround Families

Turnaround is for families that house a child with 1 or more under 18-year-old with a proven offence in the last 12 months or the family are threatened with eviction from social housing on anti-social behaviour grounds.

The Agency offers financial support and guidance to alter behaviours from within the family unit. This can be through parenting courses, funding for courses/ activities for the children and positive community awareness.

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