Summer Safety

With the long summer holiday almost upon us, we want to make you aware of some of our local safeguarding concerns so that you can keep your children safe during the break. Please share this information with your children as you see appropriate:

Sun Safety

The Teenage Cancer Trust found that nearly two-thirds (61%) of young people aged 13-24 have avoided using sunscreen in order to get a better tan. As the weather gets hotter in the UK, we need to be more knowledgeable about keeping safe in the sun than ever before.

The damage done to young skin can lead to skin cancer developing in later life, so it's vital to help young people protect themselves in the sun. For further advice and support please use the following links:

Water Safety

The sad death of a 13-year old boy has highlighted again the dangers of swimming in hot weather. It is perfectly natural to want to cool off when it's hot. Unsuitable rivers and quarries hide dangers below, not taking into accounts the hazards of freezing cold water and currents. Teenagers especially are drawn in by peers and a keenness for risky behaviours.

These resources contain useful information on water safety:

Safety and Railways

Young people in Christchurch are putting themselves at serious risk of being killed or seriously injured on the railway with repeated recent reports of groups jumping into the River Stour from a railway bridge.

The bridge is located on a busy part of the railway, with around 500 trains running over it every week, travelling at speeds of up to 80mph.

The railway line here is also electrified. The type of current on the track means anyone coming into contact would be left with life changing or fatal injuries.

Young people in Bournemouth have also been running across railway lines in busy locations, sometimes encouraged by their peers. This type of behaviour has led to at least one local student currently fighting for their life on a life support system.

British Transport Police officers will be conducting high visibility patrols over the summer to stop people putting themselves in danger.

It is a criminal offence to trespass on the railway, and anyone found climbing on the bridge may be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000.

Please make sure your child is fully aware of the dangers of trespassing anywhere on or near our railway lines. If they are aware of friends who have engaged in these incredibly dangerous behaviours please encourage them to be honest and open with you: we want all our students back healthy and safe in September!

For more information please visit:

Passengers/Community Members
Network Rail national helpline
03457 11 41 41

Safety in the Community

Bournemouth Gardens and the Beaches

The college has been advised by the police that Bournemouth Gardens are being targeted more and more by adults trying to exploit young people. Child sexual exploitation is a growing concern and young, vulnerable people are being targeted and groomed by older people who will befriend them, offer gifts, alcohol and even drugs to win their trust. Once a relationship is established, young people could be coerced into any number of dangerous behaviours, from selling drugs to criminal, sexual or violent acts.

Sometimes we assume that the danger is only with older people, but anyone who is 18 or over could fit into this category. Although Bournemouth Gardens is a wonderful and exciting place to be over the summer where many young people choose to socialise, please make your children aware of the dangers. Our advice would be to make sure they are always with friends, they are contactable and they have a curfew in place so you know when to expect them home.

Beach Parties seem to be becoming an issue and also provide the perfect venue for young people to be exploited through the consumption of alcohol and other illegal substances. The police will target these parties and advise that, if you here one is taking place, to report it to the police through:

If you know your child is going down to the Gardens or to the Beach in the evening or night time, please warn them against these types of behaviours, strangers trying to befriend them, and make sure you know where they are and when they are coming home.