Transition Information for Students

For our new students

We want you to feel excited about starting secondary school.  We know that it can be a scary thought leaving behind your friends and teachers at a school you may have been with for many years. We therefore want to make your transition from primary to secondary school as easy (and enjoyable!) as possible.

Some of our Year 7 and 8 students have the following messages for you…

'At Avonbourne there is a lot of support. Before I came here I was excited and nervous – coming from the top of your school right down to the bottom can be difficult. You very quickly make new friends though and soon remember that everyone is going through the same thing!'

'The transition day was really exciting. I felt nervous and didn’t know many people in my class but I soon settled in and I really enjoyed it. I made lots of friends in my class and did lots of fun activities to help me settle in. One of my favourite things so far has been a detective morning where we did all sorts of forensics. My favourite lesson is English and I loved reading the Hunger Games. I’m planning on joining the climbing club and learning badminton and I also really love the food especially the pizza. You’ll love it too.'

'When I started at Harewood I felt quite nervous, and it wasn’t always easy. By the end of the half term I felt much better and I really enjoyed coming to school. One of my best highlights was representing the school at football. We only lost 3 games in the whole season and in one game we won 9-0!  I’m also doing really well in my lessons, the teachers are great and I’m making excellent progress!'

'When the blue booklets got sent to my primary school I filled it in in detail with everything I was worried about, what I was looking forward to and some things about myself.

On the first day I was so nervous but excited at the same time. Starting secondary school was a big step forward – I have had so much support from my teachers.'

'I’ve changed so much for coming to secondary school. I feel much more grown up and I am more responsible now. I had a few friends in my class when I started but I soon began making lots of new friends from other primary schools. Harewood is a great place. I love the sports here and PE is my favourite subject. I was so happy when I made the school football team. I really enjoy spending time with my new friends in the canteen as the food is delicious. I also really like the uniform as it makes me feel really smart. I am really happy here.'

'I remember very excitedly sitting with my two best friends on the first day in the hall. I felt comfortable because I knew I was going to be in form with my old school friends. My first day was the best first day I could possibly ask for!'

'When I first came to Avonbourne I was worried that I was going to get lost but after a week I knew the school inside out! I have made a lot of friends and when I started I just used to remind myself that everyone is in my position.'

'My favourite memory in Year 7 so far has been the school trip to Osmington Bay because it was a really good opportunity to be with your friends, and the activities are really different. You’ll love being at Harewood College especially if take up all the chances you get and I guarantee you’ll make lots of new friends. I really, really, really recommend though that you go on the Osmington bay trip, it was so much fun!'

'Avonbourne is a friendly environment. I was really nervous and excited to begin with but there is a lot of support and the teachers are really friendly too. Secondary school is a big step from primary school, but you really do soon get used to it and you WILL make new friends!'

'Intake day is really good as it let me meet my new class and make some new friends before the summer. Since then I’ve really enjoyed learning new skills. One of my favourite subjects is food technology and I now cook dinners for my family with what I have learnt. I’m also really good at computer science. I’ve loved the launch of one of our big ideas which was Risk. We did lots of challenges and different activities and it was really fun!'

'When I first started at Avonbourne I was excited but also worried about things like getting lost and being late to lessons but I soon found my way around because everyone was so helpful. When I came for the Intake Day I had some brilliant taster lessons which showed me some of the amazing opportunities here.

On my first day I was shown around the school with my tutor group and I knew already that I would really enjoy it here. The lessons and the clubs after school have been brilliant and I have made new friends very quickly. I love it here and feel I have found somewhere which will help me be prepared for life after secondary school.'

'My favourite lesson at Harewood College has been Science. We have done lots of crazy experiments. One lesson we did methane bubbles where you have a big bubble on your hand and the teacher lights in on fire and a massive flame comes up. You can’t feel a thing but it’s brilliant to watch! We also played around with prisms and a light projector which created all the colours from across the spectrum.'

'So far Year 7 has been amazing! I have had so many fun experiences I was scared no-one would want to be my friend but I was wrong. I have made some great and caring friends who have made my time so far at Avonbourne even better. I have already signed up for the Year 7 residential trip to Osmington Bay next year and have joined football and rock climbing club.'

'I was really excited to start at Harewood College but when I got there, I realised how big it was and I got nervous. I got lost quite a few times but I always got to my classes because people helped. I’ve enjoyed the lessons so far and I’ve loved doing Science especially as well English. We also do special events during the year which I really like. One of them meant we had to be blindfolded and your partner would have to give you directions to get to the end of the course.'

'The first few days of starting secondary school were nerve racking, the Year 11s were huge! I made lots of friends though and very quickly got really into my new lessons. Some of my favourite things so far have been my PE and Science lessons. I’ve also joined the year 7 football team and train every week. The food is great and everyone who works here is amazing, helpful and funny. The teachers are really kind and helpful.'


To make transition easier we have lots going on…

  • In May we will be sending your parents a pack of forms for them to fill in so we have all the information we need about you. In this pack will be a small blue booklet called ‘All About Me’. We need you to fill this in and send it back to school so we can get to know you a little bit better before you start with us in September.
  • ​In June a member of staff will be visiting your primary  school to meet with you and any other students coming up to our colleges to again get to know you a little bit better and answer any questions or queries you may have.
  • In July we have our annual Taster Day where all our new students come up to visit us for the day and get to know each other better. This is a really fun day where you will get to know the colleges, the teachers and some of the students a little bit better and get the chance to take part in some taster lessons. We hope after this day you will be really excited about starting with us in September.
  • ​In September, year 7 start back a day earlier than other students  giving you the chance to have a day at either Avonbourne or Harewood on your own before the rest of the school start back.

If you have any concerns about transition and would like to speak to someone, Miss Barr (Transition Coordinator) is more than happy to help. You can email at or ask a parent to phone the college and Miss Barr will organise to call you back.