The Art department is the hub of creative excellence for the school and wider community.  We are passionate about instilling the highest ambitions for all.  Our mission is to encourage resilience and aspiration in our students.  Our curriculum is designed to stimulate creativity and curiosity, extending intelligence and inspiring the next generation. Developing an enterprise culture we provide direct links to Higher Education, industry expertise and business.

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The Curriculum




For the Enthusiast

In KS3 Art, the students are given many opportunities to revisit and practise their Mathematical skills. Some of the activities we do are outlined below.

In year 7, students draw out and paint colour wheels.  The properties of circles are discussed such as circumference, radius & diameter.  Students are given the opportunity to practise their compass and measuring skills. When planning their rooftop paintings Year 7 students measure out set lengths in multiples of 5.

Year 8 develop their understanding of proportion and measuring techniques when they draw a portrait. They compare how big one feature is compared to another and develop their understanding of scale.  They learn how to scale up a drawing using a gridding technique when they draw out their mask design larger for a painting. This leads to a better understanding of ratio, grid references and measuring accurately.  We also discuss how the length, height and area of their designs have changed in their bigger painting compared to the smaller drawing.