Business Studies

To inspire and challenge students to fulfil their potential by encouraging intellectual curiosity and wonder for life long learning and entrepreneurship in the world of Business and Economics.

Key contact: Miss Charlotte Juddery



The Curriculum


For the Enthusiast

There are many business related programmes on television at the moment, especially The Apprentice as it has just started for 2015.

Keep watching the current events in the news daily and read as much literature as you can based on business topics in the curriculum. There is an allocated area in the business department where resources covering all topics can be borrowed to read and help with learning.

A variety of web sites are especially produced for business related areas and these include, tutor2u, BBC Bitesize Business, where essays related to most topics can be accessed. 

Many business competitions are run throughout the year and include a sales pitch for a business trip organised by students.




This Is What Our Students Have To Say...

Why students enjoy the subject.

“The lessons are extremely useful and give a better understanding of the real world.”

An account of a lesson, the course, a visit or speaker that really inspired them.

"Taking business has made me aware of how the world works; I have learnt important things about how to run a business and what different industries have to offer. Business is definitely going to help me when I’m older; I’ll be prepared to work with a business or even run my own. The course is very fun and useful, I’ve learnt the importance of statistics, questioning and a way to present my work professionally. Business is not only fun but extremely helpful even in other subjects such as computing. This course is one of my favourites, we learn something new every day that helps us outside of school, it encourages us to go out and talk to business owners/workers. For example, not too long ago me and my classmate Anna went to visit the manager of the Lush Factory in Poole, we learnt about aims and objectives and how Lush produces and packs the products. It was both educational and enjoyable, and I hope to do projects like this again in the future!”

Anna & Luka visiting Lush