The inquisitive student is at the heart of Dance, where we foster innovation, creativity and imagination. As a wholly inclusive subject Dance builds confidence, self esteem and open mindedness and prepares students for an ever evolving society.

Key contact: Mrs Jane Davies



The Curriculum


For the Enthusiast

Students are encouraged to watch as much dance performance as possible. This can be done in a wide variety of ways, through simply watching clips on youtube or seeing live professional works in national theatres.

We also encourage students to attend outside dance classes, wherever possible, in a wide range of styles. Yoga and Pilates would also be beneficial to increase core strength and flexibility. Some of these classes can be taken at Pavilion Dance South West, who we are also an associate school for. Please visit their site at for more information.

For our 'Talented' students there are a variety of opportunities to further their ability, One of these schemes is the 'Centre for Advanced Training in Dance'. Please visit their site for more details: We also have students attending the Coast Youth Dance Company as part of Pavillion Dance South West.

Interview with Wayne McGregor
Radio 4: Desert Island Discs

Follow the link to listen!
GCSE Students - this is ideal for you to get to know the man behind one of the dance works you are studying!!