Our mission is to provide a nurturing, supportive and independent learning environment, where every student has the ability to soar and broaden their creativity, compassion and ambitions. This will, in turn, foster self-confidence and a life-long passion for the arts.

Key contact: Mrs Jane Davies
Email: jane.davies@avonbournetrust.org


Drama is an engaging and relevant subject. Drama provides lifelong skills, it’s enhances creativity and encourages empathy and relationships. Communication skills are key, all skills lend themselves well to further study or employment in the future. Drama offers the chance to work independently and within groups. Students need to take risks, be resilient and resourceful especially when sourcing costumes and props. Students reflect on their performances and that of others, offering valuable feedback. Students will explore a range of topics through Drama, including the study of several play texts. Current topics include; Mask using Trestle Theatre Masks, The Victorian Side Show, Creating Atmospheres, and Devising from a given stimulus including photos and lyrics. Plays studied and performed are Black Harvest, Blood Brothers and currently The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

Students need to embrace their creative skills and are only limited by their own imaginations.

We follow OCR GCSE Drama specification, the new GCSE now consists of a written exam as well as a performance to an external examiner. Students will research and explore a given stimulus, they work collaboratively and are assessed on their own devised drama that incorporates a strict time limit. Students will develop and apply theatrical skills in acting by presenting a showcase of two extracts from a performance text again incorporating a strict time limit. Written portfolios of research, rehearsal logs, and various theatrical designs are part of the coursework, with a written evaluation using feedback from their performance. This coursework is worth 60% of their grade.

For the written exam, students will also practically explore a performance text to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of drama. Students will need to attend theatre trips as part of the written exam is a theatre review of a live performance. This is worth 40% of their grade.

Assessment Overview

Unit 01 – Devising Drama
60 Marks
Coursework Controlled Assessment

30% of Total GCSE

Unit 03 – Presenting and Performing Texts
60 Marks
Coursework Controlled Assessment
(Visiting Examiner)

30% of Total GCSE


Unit 04 - Drama: Peformance and Reponse
80 Marks
Exam Assessment
(Written Exam)

40% of Total GCSE




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