To inspire intellectual curiosity and wonder, through the provision of an enriching and rigorous curriculum.  Geography challenges students to become passionate about the world we live in and seeks to develop the skills needed to address some of the world’s most important issues.

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The Curriculum


For the Enthusiast

Why Geography?

Geography is a dynamic and relevant subject for all young people:

Geography inspires pupils to become global citizens by exploring their own place in the world, their values and responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet.

Careers in Geography:

Geography opens up a world of careers that you could enter into. It is a facilitating subject that shows you have a broad range of analytical skills as well as global knowledge.  Geographers are highly employable. Examples of possible careers are: mineral and resource exploration, town planning, project managers, aeronautical services, international development advisers and strategic mapping of battle zones.




This Is What Our Students Have To Say...

Why students enjoy the subject.

“Geography is a fascinating subject because in each lesson the things that you learn are relatable to events that are happening in the world today. I have seen the world differently since taking it and I am very glad I decided to study it further.”

An account of a lesson, the course, a visit or speaker that really inspired them.

"Geography has changed my perspective on the way I look at things today and around the world. It has also improved the way I appreciate the things around me. For example, whilst studying coasts and learning about the different types of erosion and transportation and things like deposition, it has changed the way I look at our coastline. It has made me appreciate how amazing our landscape is and the length of time it has taken to become the way it is, for example Old Harry’s Rocks. Geography is also an incredibly important subject as it allows students to fully appreciate and respect the world in which they live. We have just started looking at urban areas and more specifically examples of high income countries and low-income countries. This is fascinating as it gives you an appreciation for people around the globe who may not have as many opportunities as we do. For instance, people in Rio De Janeiro living in favelas may not have the same opportunities as us due to gun crime and the illegal places they settle in.”.




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