Inspiring wonder and intellectual curiosity through linguistic confidence and global discovery.

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Avonbourne MFL extra classes

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Periods 6 and 7 in L5
(Spanish conversation club)
(French conversation club)
A place to come in and practise your speaking skills

French and Spanish GCSE Support Years 10 and 11



This Is What Our Students Have To Say...

Why students enjoy the subject.

“I like French because it helps me understand other people's culture and how they speak. Also, it will benefit my career plan to be a teacher, so that I can talk to children that speak French.”

An account of a lesson, the course, a visit or speaker that really inspired them.

"I feel like this course has really improved not only my speaking but also my ability to write more developed detail in French. For example, I have learnt the importance on having some lessons on little words, like "us, you, we, me". This is an important skill because you can start sentences with those words and the more sentences you have, the more marks you get and if you have higher grades, the more chance of you getting the dream job you want."