Rewards and Consequences

Rewards and Consequences (Our Behaviour Policy)

This document aims to set out Behaviour and Rewards at Avonwood Primary School. Our stance on Behaviour and Rewards encompasses all areas of school life and is modelled on Jenny Mosley’s ‘Quality Circle Time’. Our school values further support children’s development in understanding school expectations. We are working towards becoming a ‘Rights Respecting School’ and are therefore beginning to introduce the notion of ‘Rights and Responsibilities’. Class, Lunch and Playtime Charters will be written with our children in the future.

  • To provide a friendly, secure, supportive and positive learning environment.
  • To maintain an open partnership between parents, pupils and the school.
  • To marginalise unacceptable behaviour by promoting good behaviour.
  • To ensure all adults in the school present a positive role model for pupils.
  • To encourage pupils to develop self-discipline and personal accountability.
  • To create and maintain a positive and caring environment in which children are disciplined without destroying their self-esteem.

The effective promotion of positive behaviour requires the involvement and commitment of Pupils, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Lunchtime Supervisors, Administrative staff and Governors, i.e. every member of the school community, coupled with close communication and partnership with parents and carers.

How do we encourage positive behaviour?

Each class teacher establishes clear expectations for acceptable behaviour within school by:

  1. Helping children to form good relationships with both grown-ups and children.
    2.   Using the Jigsaw materials for PSED lessons and a weekly collective assembly.
    3.   Developing and setting class rules / responsibilities and explaining reasons / fairness of these.
    4.    Developing and setting expectations for playtimes with lunchtime supervisors.
    5.    Embedding our key skills.

In school the children follow our Golden Rules:

  • We are gentle – We don’t hurt others
  • We are kind and helpful – We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We listen – We don’t interrupt
  • We are honest – We don’t cover up the truth
  • We always try our very best – We do the best that we can, even when we find things tricky
  • We look after property – We don’t waste or damage things

Each class uses the sun, cloud, raincloud and rainbow system as a strategy to highlight both good and unacceptable behaviour. The sun, clouds and rainbow system encourage positive behaviour and reinforce the classroom/Golden rules throughout the school day. Each child starts on the sun and is only placed on the cloud for misbehaviour or breaking classroom rules. A child will be placed on the rainbow for outstanding behaviour. This system encourages the children who misbehave to reflect on their behaviour whilst providing them with the chance to redeem themselves and move back to the sun. Our ‘Ladder of Choice’ reminds our children of our rewards and consequences.

Ladder of Choice

Each class has the ‘Ladder of Choice’ clearly displayed which is used as a reminder to children about positive praise when they make the ‘Good Choice’ as well as a reminder about the consequences of making a ‘Wrong Choice’. The higher up the ‘Good Choice’ ladder children climb (Sun) the more prominent in school the praise becomes. The lower down the ‘Wrong Choice’ ladder (rain cloud) the more serious the consequences.


Good behaviour and learning is firstly rewarded by immediate qualified praise from the teachers and other adults within school. A language of success and praise is evident throughout Avonwood Primary School. Children need to know WHY they are being praised otherwise praise becomes less meaningful. The sentence “Well doneFOR . . .” or “I like the way you . . .” are good phrases to remember. Try to link the reason to following the Golden rules or making a ‘Good Choice’.

Each time children make it on to our 'Rainbow of Success' they colour a block on their individual reward chart. 20 blocks = Bronze, Silver or Gold Award and a trip to our Award Shop to choose a prize!

Celebration Assembly

Successes, both academic and social, are celebrated each week on Friday in our Celebration assembly. Certificates and stickers are given out by the Head of School to further encourage children to do their best. Our rewards are given for effort as well as attainment. We wish for ALL children to try their very best in order to become the best that they can be.

  • Stars of the week – 2 children from each class are chosen by their class teacher. The children receive a certificate and a sticker. Parents / carers can look at the reason why their child has been chosen in our Celebration book in Reception.
  • Jigsaw Learner of the week – 1 child per class who has followed the Jigsaw challenge for the week particularly well.
  • Writer of the week – From Spring Term Foundation one child per class to celebrate best writing of the week – handwriting or content.

• In the classroom:

All children have their names placed on the sunshine while they are making good choices. If however the Golden Rules are broken the following happens:

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1
  • All children start on the sun
  • Grey cloud – Miss 5 minutes of Playtime or have TIME OUT
  • Rain cloud - miss a whole playtime
  • Rain cloud – 3 times in a week talk with Mr Jackson or Year group Learning Leader who may call your grown up.
  • Rainbow – exemplary behaviour - teacher to decide the reward
Key Stage 2
  • Sun – all children start on the sun
  • Grey cloud – 5 minutes of playtime lost
  • Rain cloud- miss a whole playtime
  • 3 Rain clouds in one week – talk with Mr Jackson or Year group Learning Leader who may call your grown up.
  • Rainbow- exemplary behaviour - reward decided by the teacher

Children can earn their name being moved back to the sunshine by demonstrating the ability to follow the rule that was broken. Children have a fresh start every session.

• In the playground:

A verbal warning is given twice. If they break the rule again they are asked to sit down for 5 minutes and watch the other children at play. This is an immediate consequence.

If an incident of a serious nature occurs it can be followed up by loss of playtime/lunchtime and the child will need to talk with the Head of School or Learning Leader.

Time Out

There may be occasions when a child will need time out of a situation in order to calm down. This involves temporarily removing a child from an environment where inappropriate behaviour has occurred, thereby discouraging such behaviour. Often a corner (hence the common term ‘corner time’) or a similar space where the child is to stand or sit during ‘time-outs’ is designated. When the child is sufficiently calm and able to manage his or her behaviour appropriately, he/she will be encouraged positively, to join the class again.

• Serious offences:
  • Repeated swearing
  • Using physical violence
  • Running out of school
  • Deliberate vandalism
  • Stealing
  • Bullying

If a child commits a serious offence then the consequence ladder can be bypassed and the child sent to the Head of School and the parent/s contacted. All children will be treated fairly and consistently so the applied punishments for unacceptable behaviour make the distinction between serious/minor offences apparent. Exclusion is seen as a last resort or as a consequence of a ‘serious offence’. A child may be excluded from their own class for a set period of time. They remain in school (Internal Exclusion) but spend their time with the Head of School or a Learning Leader. They complete learning set by their own class teacher. A meeting will take place with the child’s parent, the Head of School and child prior to the internal exclusion taking place. An external exclusion maybe deemed an appropriate consequence. This would again be discussed with parents.  


Lunchtimes are supervised by our teaching assistants. They use our Golden Rules and Lunchtime Charter. If the rules or charter are broken they will issue a verbal warning and give the child a chance to modify their own behaviour. If the unacceptable behaviour continues or if the child breaks the rule again they will be asked to sit down for 5 minutes and watch the other children at play. This is an immediate consequence.