Star Of The Week

Star of the Week Awards
Week ending Thursday 18th July 2019

Rabbits          -  Florence has made so much progress with your writing since the beginning of the year.
                       -  Marcel is always a super star in Rabbits.  You love taking part in all our learning. 
Hedgehogs   -  Sidney has developed into such an independent learner as the year has progressed.
                       -  Martia has displayed such enthusiasm all his learning all year.
Badgers         -  Arthur for his kind and caring nature towards his friends.
                       -  Jaden for his increased confidence in his independent writing.

Year 1

Squirrels         -  Millie. Every single day of the school year, Millie has applied herself completely and worked incredibly hard in all she has attempted!  Well done super star!
                       -  Amelie has made incredible progress in her reading this year!  Keep it up, Amelie! Well done!
Owls               -  Giulia has worked really hard to improve her comprehension skills in reading.
                       -  Chloe has made a fantastic effort to spell key words correctly in her writing.  
Foxes             -  Bella is a fantastic friend and always does her best to help other people.
                       -  Saiesha has been very kind and helpful in the class and listened carefully. 

Year 2

Deer               -  Seb showed a good understanding of money when the lady from Natwest visited.
                       -  Bailey wrote an excellent pirate poem using lots of adjectives. 
Bears              -  Hudson has come so far this year in all aspects of life in Bears!
                       -  Madison has been a super role model this year.  Well done!
Otters             -  Bobby has shined bright in our ‘Pirate Assembly’.  
                       -  Max wrote a creative pirate poem full of adjectives.

Year 3

Elm                 -  Scarlett has worked really hard this year and built on her resilience skills – keep it up!
                       -  Jacob has had a super year of learning and been a pleasure to teach!  Keep up the hard work!
Silver Birch     -  Maisie has been a good friend to others and supported people with their learning and on the playground.
                       -  Rufus for his free writing.  ‘Terror in the Tomb’ was fantastic and really showed off his writing skills.
Willow            -  Emmeline for her caring, helpful and positive nature – you’ve been a star helping with the Canopic jars – thank you.  
                       -  Zach for his fantastic story writing of ‘Terror in the Tomb’ and his adaptability this half-term – well done! 

Year 4

Eagles            -  Emilija for her amazing work this term!
                       -  Ethan for his amazing work this term!
Osprey           -  Tadre for his fantastic talk partner work and demonstrating kindess.
                       -  Lucia is an outstanding learner and always puts in 100% effort.