Avonwood has a school uniform which Governors strongly request compliance with. The below grid should assist you in ensuring that you have everything prepared:

GIRLS Navy tunic, skirt or school trousers Anywhere
School Jumper / Cardigan with logo Stevensons
Sensible black school shoes (low heels)
Velcro unless child can tie laces independently
Navy Blue Gingham Dress, Playsuit, Shorts or Skirt (Summer Term) Anywhere
BOYS Navy school trousers or
Navy short trousers (Summer Term)
School Jumper or Cardigan with logo Stevensons
Sensible black school shoes
Velcro unless child can tie laces independently
GIRLS & BOYS White polo shirt Anywhere
Black, white, grey, navy socks/ tights Anywhere
Navy Cap Stevensons
Bookbag (EYFS to Year 2) Stevensons
Junior School Rucksack (Year 3 to Year 6) Stevensons
Waterproof Coat Anywhere
Wellington boots or waterproof footwear (to be kept in school) Anywhere
PE: GIRLS & BOYS White T shirt Anywhere
Navy shorts / skort Anywhere
Navy jogging bottoms (for winter) Anywhere
Navy zip up jumper / hoodie (for winter) Anywhere
White or black plimsolls  Anywhere
Outdoor sports trainers Anywhere
Named bag Anywhere
Junior School PE Shirt Stevensons

Items in bold are compulsory items from Stevensons Uniform Outfitters. Click here to purchase uniform directly from Stevensons website.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named and that your child can recognise their own PE bag / clothes.
General Uniform Information

On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school. The exceptions to this rule are one pair of plain stud earrings (one in each lobe) and a small watch. These need removing for PE.

Haircuts and General Appearance

The school does not permit children to have haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children. Hair should be of a natural colour. Long hair should be tied up and ribbons, bobbles, hair bands and slides should be minimal in size, simple in style and in a neutral colour. Short hair should be no shorter than “grade 2” and should not have markings shaved into it (e.g. tram-lines). Parents should also be aware that hair braids with beads, temporary tattoos, nail varnish or any other form of make-up are not permitted. 


Children should wear black school shoes to school (not trainers). These shoes should be sensible, appropriate, professional and formal leather style shoe in black. We believe that it is dangerous for children to wear shoes with platform soles, open toed sandals, or high heels in school, we do not allow this. Black boots are only acceptable in winter months, where they are both practical and necessary. Our school promotes the use of practical shoes that are well maintained, reflecting our commitment to smart appearance and pride in school identity.

Extreme Weather

Children should dress appropriately for extreme weather conditions. In the summer it is vital that children wear our school branded protective sun hat or cap. Sun cream should be applied to children before they arrive at school on hot summer days. Boots and sufficiently warm waterproof coats should be provided in extremely wet or snowy weather.

Outdoor Play

As outdoor play is a vital part of the Early Years curriculum, the children in Early Years Foundation Stage should have appropriate clothes for all conditions. Although we have shelters, it is important to provide an appropriate rain coat for wet and cold days. Waterproof trousers, hats, gloves and wellington boots are items that we recommend could be provided for the children. We also expect the children to have a sensible navy unbranded track suit to wear during PE lessons or after school sport clubs in the winter.

Should a child come into school with inappropriate uniform then then may be discretely asked to remove it. Any items will then be passed on to parents at the end of the school day. In case of any dispute the Headteacher’s decision is final.

- PDF version available here.