Cashless catering

Avonbourne College uses cashless catering. Fingerprint technology links students to an account (note no additional info is kept) and students can add money to their account using the unit near reception (coins or notes).


Advantages of cashless catering include:

  • Speeds up service at meal times, reduce queuing times
  • Removal of Free School Meal stigma as source of funding is concealed
  • Parents are able to monitor what is being eaten and that money is being spent appropriately
  • Ability for parents to make payments into student accounts removing the need for cash in school
  • Specific food allergy ingredients can be barred automatically  

Advantages of using biometric technology (using index fingers) to access the system are:

  • Helps to prevent intimidation and theft by others
  • Alternative systems depending on the carrying of a card are more open to abuse, and suffer from the possibility of cards being lost, stolen or forgotten
  • Replacing lost tickets or cards will add cost and administration time to the system; it is unlikely that students could say they had lost their finger
  • Biometric technology has become more widely used in recent years as there is a greater awareness that biometric systems used in schools do not precisely identify individuals in the way that police fingerprinting may do, and the data is stored as a code number which is deleted once the student leaves

Parental permission is needed for this biometric system to be used. Download a form here
Avonbourne Cashless Biometric System including reply slips.pdf