The Curriculum

We aim to provide an all-through curriculum from age 4 at Avonwood Primary, through our Foundation, Mid-Years and Advanced Years programmes at Avonbourne and Harewood Colleges  and culminating in post 16 provision at Avonbourne 6th Form.

In the Foundation Programme, specialist teaching from Avonbourne and Harewood is provided to assist in the delivery of Art, Dance, Music, Physical Education IT, Science and Modern Foreign Languages.

In the Advanced Programme, students follow a broad and balanced curriculum, which includes the study of a Modern Foreign Language and either History or Geography to GCSE level.  

EBacc subjects - An appeal process is in place to enable parents to argue that such provision does not the meet the needs of an individual student. In these cases, where an appeal is successful a bespoke curriculum is provided.

We believe that every child has the capacity to learn and has something positive to offer society so we aim:

  • To provide a broad, balanced curriculum which learners find stimulating and enjoyable, and which provides them with skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to their current and future needs.
  • To promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, intellectual and physical development of all learners.
  • To encourage the pursuit of excellence by developing the talents and abilities of each learner to the full.
  • To provide for the special needs of all learners including those with particular abilities or disabilities (G&T, LAC, FSM and EAL students).
  • To promote, through active involvement, an appreciation of the achievements of different cultures.
  • To develop in each learner the confidence to face the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.
  • To promote physical fitness and healthy living.
  • To ensure that students become global citizens with world-wide employability skills and the capacity to lead the field in innovation and creativity.
  • To promote a commitment to lifelong learning and learning for life.
  • To provide opportunities to develop the skills to build a sustainable future.

 Personalised Learning

  • All individual needs are assessed and personal talents developed through successful and diverse teaching strategies.
  • Learners are able to identify and maximise individual learning styles and strengths in order to become lifelong autonomous learners.
  • We promote approaches to creativity, independent learning, thinking skills and evaluation.
  • We adopt a “Pathways” approach to the provision of an options package which suits the needs of each individual. (G&T, LAC, FSM and EAL students)
  • We ensure curriculum adjustments are made for students in receipt of Pupil Premium.


  • We raise achievement in partnership with families, the community and local, national and international agencies; 

The Environment

  • We provide a learning environment of the highest quality which ensures the curriculum demands are met and the quality of learning is routinely high.

Mr Coshan

Curriculum Director

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