Healthy Choices


As the name suggests, this area of the curriculum focusses on all aspects of personal, social and health education. Taught from year7 to 11, students are taught a range of critical life skills and cover subjects such as: 

  • Coping with Change  
  • Citizenship  
  • Being Me  
  • Keeping Healthy  
  • Drugs  
  • Self Esteem  
  • Personal Safety  
  • Finance  
  • Anger Management  
  • Employability  
  • Sex Education

Careers Education at Harewood College

Every student is entitled careers education and impartial advice and guidance (CEIAG). Careers education is delivered in PSHE lessons from years 7 to 11, but also discretely in other areas of the curriculum and through internal and external career events.

Students have access to ICT programs, publications, one to one interviews with the colleges careers advisor/LEA advisers/local FE college staff.

All students in year 10 will take part in a 2 week block of work experience.

Students will leave Harewood & Avonbourne Colleges having had contact with high-quality and impartial information and guidance to get the most out of their learning and to enable successful progression to further education or training. We aim to help them develop skills and knowledge to cope with an ever changing working environment. The school has a policy on careers and work related learning which is available on the policies section of the college website.

The Careers Department are very excited to be collecting evidence to gain the 'Investors in Careers' award. This is an award that recognises the brilliant work that already occurs by staff and pupils throughout the school and in PSHE lessons. It also helps us identify how to improve the Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance that is provided for our students.

Breakfast Club

The day starts early at Harewood with an opportunity to eat at the award winning canteen-Wave-and indulge in some healthy exercise in the form of Table tennis. The club, open from 7.30, attracts over 70 students every day. The club caters for all-comers, regardless of ability, but is proud to boast of two full England Internationals who cut their teeth in the Breakfast Club. Get a taste for it!
Playing table tennis with new people has given me a chance to mix with other years and make friends with people I probably wouldn’t have done before. I have made some really good mates here.’ JH
‘It’s a great way to start the morning because it helps you wake up and be fresh for lessons. It gives me something to look forward to.’ NM
‘It gives me more of an urge to come to school.’ JH

The Eco Council

The Eco Council is a group of students and staff who aim to meet once every half term to discuss and then put in place ways to make the college more sustainable. The Eco Council is helping the college to achieve the Green Flag Award from Keep Britain Tidy. We have already achieved the Silver Award.
The Eco Council has set up the classroom paper recycling system and has run various competitions for the college community. The Eco Council has sought the views of the whole college via tutor groups and has also presented to local businesses to raise awareness of sustainability issues in Bournemouth.

Extra-Curricular Options

The extra-curricular offer at Harewood is highly valued by students, parents and staff alike as it harnesses the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the student and ploughs it back into a positive experience at the college.

The opportunities are many and varied, ranging from :
Sports Related 

  • Ball sports-football, rugby, cricket, basketball  
  • Indoor Rowing (Ranked No. 1 nationally)  
  • Racket sports-badminton, tennis  
  • Judo-taught by world veteran Gold Medallist, Paul Sawyer 

Curriculum Related 

  • Language Club  
  • Art and Drama clinics  
  • Film Club for Media Studies  
  • Programming  
  • Big Questions for RE 

Fun Related 

  • Minecraft  
  • Rock choir  
  • Dance  
  • Chess  
  • Guitar

For a full list, please see website under Out of Hours Learning

We also offer additional qualifications attainable after school hours.

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award is a twilight option for KS4.

It requires dedication and commitment to complete the 4 sections at Bronze level

The 4 sections are; 

  • Volunteering  
  • Skills  
  • Expedition  
  • Physical Recreation

Extra-curricular opportunities can be used to help complete the D of E Award by:

Attending a sports club will help you to complete your goals in the Physical Recreation section.

Volunteer as a Sports Leader and help at an Extra Curricular club to complete your Volunteering section.

Healthy Eating

The college recently were entered into a national competition, sponsored by The Times newspaper, to celebrate the best school food in the land. While we were narrowly edged out for the top spot, (the judges must have been in a stew)we were very happy to be recognised as a high quality provider of healthy, nutritious food.

Always popular with the students, Wave, as it is known, uses fingerprint technology to provide a fast and efficient, cashless service.
Fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate are not for sale, yet this does not deter the students who flock for the hot meals with that ‘home-cooked feel.’ Whether it’s a full roast, traditional fish and chips or if salad is your thing, it’s all here, courtesy of Chef Andy ‘Blumenthal’ Shailer.

‘The food is really, really tasty and it’s a good price as well.’ ZH

‘The roast is the best you will taste anywhere.’ MO

‘It’s always packed because it is sooo good. Especially the fish and chips.’ LJ

‘I like it that you can order in advance if you want. It’s finger-licking good, too!’ RH

‘There is something for everyone: vegetarian food, baguettes or hot food. It’s all amazing.’ MS

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