Transition Information for Parents

At Avonbourne Trust we recognise that transition is a process, not an event. We want to ensure that our students transfer seamlessly through to this new phase of their education and thus contributing to a positive learning experience for every child. Care and attention is given to the transition of individual pupils as they transfer to one of our colleges.

The Vision

The transition process at Avonbourne Trust ensures that every child will experience support and success as they transfer between primary and secondary schools. Planning will take account of the whole child as an individual and ensure clear communication for all stakeholders.


  • To ensure that all children have high quality transition experiences, which will enhance their well-being and performance as learners.
  • To ensure that all parents / carers fully participate in transition programmes for their children.
  • To ensure the Trust works with primary feeder schools to ensure all student information is passed over sensitively and shared only with necessary parties.
  • To develop a mid-years curriculum which is suitable for the cohort of students and their prior learning to promote continuity of teaching and learning.

The Process

  1. Once your son/daughter has had their place confirmed at our colleges we will send home a transition pack. In this pack is a blue booklet for your son/daughter to complete all about themselves to help us start to get to know them a little better before they join us in September.
  2. During the summer term a member of our team will be visiting all our feeder schools to meet with your son/daughter and hopefully answer any questions or worries they have about starting with us.
  3. During the summer term the transition team meet with feeder primary school teaching staff to develop our understanding of your son or daughter’s attainment and any learning needs.
  4. Induction Day at the beginning of July invites all our new cohort up to the colleges to spend a day with us and get to know their surroundings a little better.
  5. In September our new year 7 cohort start back a day earlier than the rest of the college to help them get to know their surroundings and teachers a day ahead of everyone else.
  6. In October we hold a settling in evening for you and your son/daughter to attend to speak to staff about any concerns that you may have about transition to secondary school and also a chance to develop your understanding of our IMYC (International Mid Years Curriculum).

We have lots of other in school events that happen during the school year to ensure your son/daughter hits the ground running when they join one of our colleges.

If you would like to discuss transition at either one of our colleges or would like more information, please get in contact with the transition coordinator, Miss Nikki Barr, on the school number 01202 398451 or via