Gifted, Able and Talented

At Harewood College we inspire our gifted, able and talented students to be leaders in their college and in their community, in order to prepare them for leadership in the future. Through our Olympic Values, our extensive Personal Development programme and our Student Leadership Programme, we develop resilient, resourceful, independent and inspiring individuals who are ready to compete in the global marketplace.

We are dedicated to the learning journey and success of each gifted, able and talented student. In order to support them in fulfilling  their potential we work tirelessly at nurturing the relationship between us, the student and you, their parents. We offer advice and support to parents by way of parents’ evenings, newsletters and advice booklets and listen to parental feedback to help improve our provision and partnership. Your son's Learning Co-ordinator will always be available to provide guidance and advice. 

We celebrate the effort and achievement of all our gifted, able & talented students throughout the college and in a variety of ways. Look out for special events and displays throughout the academic year which celebrate the work and creativity of these students. We also encourage and offer enhancement opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Throughout your son's journey at Harewood College we will provide a personalised learning experience, which is supported by target setting, monitoring and mentoring. We are passionate about the development of our gifted and talented students and offer them an inspiring, personalised and challenging offer across a broad range of subjects.

For further information please contact: Deneen Kenchington, Vice-Principal