Pastoral System

Harewood College has always been recognised as having an excellent pastoral support unit. It is respected by staff, parents and students alike. Since September 2012, the new pastoral heads have continued to build on this reputation by improving and implementing the schools policies whilst maintaining an effective and caring service.

Students are organised in horizontal year-based tutor groups that are also named after their allocated House. The Houses were chosen to represent successful and influential sportspeople: MacArthur, Moore, Pele and Redgrave. We hope that these role models will inspire them to succeed. Each year group has a Learning Coordinator, an allocated Pastoral Team and a SLT link. 

Students need to have a sense of belonging and feel that they are being heard if a problem arises. The pastoral team listen, try to identify the problem and provide an effective solution and implement it to try and ensure that the students succeed academically.

The year group teams develop and maintain good and effective behaviour strategies with the guidance and assistance of the many outside support agencies available to Harewood.

The pastoral team are committed to making sure all students feel safe and secure both physically and emotionally when they are in school. This will enable them to study in an environment that is conducive to learning and one in which they feel valued and respected.

The lists of tutors and year groups teams is below:

Year 7:

MacArthur 1 - Mr Clayton
MacArther 2 - Ms Jones

Moore - Ms Short

Pele - Mr Vipond

Redgrave - Mr Barnes

Learning Coordinator – Miss Heaver

Pastoral Team – Miss Hammond & Mrs Simpson

SLT Link – Ms Kelly

Year 8:

MacArthur - Miss Allsopp

Moore - Mr Monso-Maestre

Pele 1 - Mr Coles
Pele 2 - Mdm Hanot

Redgrave - Ms Tomblin & Mr Dearden

Learning Coordinator – Ms Ball

Pastoral Team – Miss Hammond & Mrs Simpson

SLT Link – Mrs Maselino

Year 9:

MacArthur - Miss Clohessy


Pele - Mr Lee

Redgrave - Mr Bowley

Learning Coordinator – Miss McDonald

Pastoral Team – Miss Hammond & Mrs Simpson

SLT Link – Mr Taylor

Year 10:

MacArthur - Miss Connor

Moore - Mr Devenish

Pele - Mr Goldsmith

Redgrave - Rev Cliff

Learning Coordinator – Mr Plunkett

Pastoral Team - Mrs Cribb & Mrs Major

SLT Link – Mrs Maselino

Year 11:

MacArthur - Mrs Wadeley

Moore - Miss King

Pele - Mrs Moore

Redgrave - Miss Harkison

Learning Coordinator - Mr Atkinson-Coates

Pastoral Team - Mrs Cribb & Mrs Major

SLT Link - Mrs Kenchington