Reporting and Assessment

What reports are produced each year for my son?

Harewood College reports to parents on student progress in two main ways;

1. Interim reports – brief summaries of progress and a judgment on BLP (see below) for each subject, published approximately every half term online via SIMS Learning Gateway (click here or below to access). Parents are sent log-on details to access this and other data via the school website. If you have not received your log on details, do get in touch.

2. Full report – this is a summary of student progress as well as a BLP judgment profile for each subject and is published once a year as a hard copy.

Exact dates are published on the school calendar.

No more levels

The use of national curriculum levels ceased in September 2014 and as a result, all student assessments are based on the new Avonbourne Trust scale, 9-1, each subdivided into 3. Below is an overview of the new Trust scale.


A guide to the new assessment scale


What's the main change?

Instead of being assessed on a flightpath model, students will now be assessed on a linear model. This means that instead of KS3 students being assessed against GCSE criteria they will now be assessed against an individual assessment scale, solely for their year group, that will range from 9-1 in each subject.

Progress from starting points

When a student joins the Trust in year 7, they will be given a starting point that will be decided on their prior attainment at KS2. If a student does not have any KS2 data then CATS data will be used to set the starting point.

Students progress will then be tracked with an expectation that all students are making at least Good Progress.

The scale explained...
On the reverse of this leaflet, you will find the new scale. This shows the starting points for each student based on their previous achievements at KS2. Therefore, if a student arrives at the Trust achieving 114 in their scaled scores, they would then be set an end of year target of '8'. This would be based on the student making good progress. There is no ceiling to the progress that students can achieve.
Why change the scale?

In 2015, the government removed National Curriculum assessment 'levels' from primary and secondary schools. As there is no longer a national system of levels, this has given Avonbourne Trust the freedom to introduce its own assessment system.

Also, starting in 2017, the government has introduced new, tougher GCSEs. The new GCSEs will be graded on a scale from 9-1: Grade 9 being the highest, Grade 1 being the lowest. This is the same for all schools in the country.

The previous Trust assessment scales have been used to navigate through the changes made. This new scale will not need to change as we enter the majority of GCSE subjects being assessed using the 9-1 system.

Reports - Reports will be avaliable on the SIMS Parent and will focus on progress made. Students will receive a letter to reflect their progress. Students making exceptional progress will receive an E, good will be awarded a G, some progress a S and poor progress will be P.

Starting Point Average KS2/CATs Data

Exceeding Target - exceptional progress


Securely on Target - Good progress


Approaching Target - Some progress


Below Target - Poor progress


No progress
SP1 SS 120 - 113
CATS = 124+
(old KS2 5.7+)
9 8 7 6 U
SP2 SS 112.9 - 110
CATS = 109 - 123.9
(old KS2 5.5-5.69)
8 7 6 5 U
SP3 SS 109.9 - 105
CATS = 94 - 108.9
(old KS2 5.1-5.49)
7 6 5 4 U
SP4 SS 104.9 - 100
CATS = 82 - 93.9
(old KS2 4.6 - 5.09)
6 5 4 3 U
SP5 SS 99.9 - 95
CATS = 77 - 81.9
(old KS2 4.2 - 4.59)
5 4 3 2 U
SP6 SS 94.9 - 89
CATS = 74 - 76.9
(old KS2 3.01 - 4.19)
4 3 2 1 U
SP7 SS 88.9 - 80
CATS = 73.9 and below
(old KS2 3.0 and below)
3 2 1 P8 U

What is BLP?

Avonbourne Trust also assesses students on Building Learning Power; characteristics and attributes that contribute towards being a successful student.  The criteria for BLP can be viewed here.

What if I’m not happy with my son’s interim or full report?

Please contact your son’s Learning Coordinator in the first instance. They are:

Learning Coordinator (Year) Contact E-mail Address
Year 7 Miss Kirsty Heaver
Year 8 Miss Alison Ball
Year 9 Miss Laura Mcdonald
Year 10 Mr Dave Plunkett
Year 11 Mr Nick Atkinson-Coates