To inspire intellectual curiosity through learning opportunities that provide you with the courage to question and the insight to connect scientific knowledge to the real world in a respectful way.

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The Curriculum




For the Enthusiast

‘My desk is the World!’

We offer a variety of Science visits to encourage and inspire you for your career in Science.

Here are a selection of the excursions we offer:

  • GCSE Science Live – Talks by renowned experts in different Scientific fields. Last years visit saw lectures delivered by Dr. Alice Roberts and Professor Robert Winston amongst others. Talks also include advice from exam boards to help prepare for exams
  • Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair – Celebrating achievments and introducing pathways into Science, Engineering and Mathematical fields.
  • Oxbridge visits
  • Monkey World – Explore behaviour and hierarchy of our closest ancestors
  • Intech, Winchester – Science workshops designed to inspire our younger minds towards a career in Science.

‘Could we make anything glow in the dark?’

We inspire wonder and curiosity by offering pupils the opportunity to conducts investigations that they may not encounter within the GCSE framework.


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Many of the World’s problems past, present and future have and will be solved by the applied knowledge of these disciplines.

We have two STEAM clubs:

• STEAM:extend is a club for our most gifted students. The team competes in National and Regional STEAM competitions as well as formulating and conducting their own STEAM projects.

Forthcoming projects to be announced…

• STEAM:emerge is a club which fosters a desire to be involved in the practical solutions of current problems. The club is open to all and serves as a pathway to joining our STEAM:extend team.

Forthcoming projects to be announced…