Exam Information

GCSE examination final papers are normally sat in May/June of year 11. GCSE controlled assessments and practical tests which contribute to the final GCSE results may be sat at various times during year 10 and 11 as directed by the examination board and college faculties.

For year groups 7, 8, 9 and 10, students sit end-of-year examinations in all subjects.

There are also other tests such as Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) which normally take place early in the academic year for years 7 and 8. Ad hoc CATs for small groups of new students run at various times according to need throughout the college year.

For a more detailed breakdown of the college examination year please click here.

GCSE Examinations

Harewood College examinations guidelines for candidates and parents

Please click on this link for examination guidance for students and parents (Key Stage 4).


GCSE Examination entries are made in late February and from these entries the college-specific examination timetable is generated. 

GCSE candidates will receive their own personalised individual timetables.

The final timetabled GCSE examination for summer 2019 is on Friday 21st June. However, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have introduced a contingency day on Wednesday 26th June requesting that all candidates be available for examinations up to and including this day. Please click on this link for more details.

Please click on this link to see our GCSE timetable.

Candidate expectations during examinations

  1. Candidates are expected to be in full college uniform for all examinations
  2. Candidates must be on time for all examinations – it is not possible to sit a missed GCSE examination on a different day or at a different time on the published day
  3. Candidates should be fully aware of the examination regulations paying particular attention to the rules relating to mobile phones, ipods and other electronic data storage items. Please refer to:

Written Exams

Onscreen Tests


Non Exam Assessments

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Privacy Notice

GCSE Results day

Thursday 22nd August 2019

Results should be collected by the candidate – if you cannot attend at the above time then we will post the results to you.

Results may be collected by a parent/carer provided that they bring written consent from the candidate.

Results cannot be given out over the phone.

Please note that the printed sheet of results and examination board results statements that you receive on this day are NOT certificates. GCSE Certificates do not arrive in College until November.

GCSE Certificates

GCSE certificates are received by the College during November and are presented at the annual awards evening – full details to be advised nearer the time. Those unable to attend the awards evening may collect their certificates from college reception after this date up until the end of the academic year following the examinations.

GCSE certificates must be collected and signed for by the candidate. However, the candidate may provide written authorisation for another person, eg parent/carer, to collect the certificates on their behalf. Certificates cannot be sent in the post.

These certificates are important personal documents for college and university applications, job applications and in some cases for securing work permits abroad so please ensure you collect them in good time and store them in a safe place!

Late Collection of Certificates

Certificates must be collected by the end of the following academic year after the student has left. After this time the college is authorised to return them back to the examination boards. However, Harewood College recognises the importance of these certificates to our former students so we store them safely for a number of years in College archives.

Very Late Collection (over 1 year) and Lost Certificates

We regularly receive enquiries from former students regarding the certificates they should have collected several years before or have subsequently lost and which are now urgently needed for interviews and job applications.

The examination boards do not print new certificate copies following candidates’ late enquiries but provide a certificate-quality results statement which typically costs around £45. With most students sitting exams from 3 or 4 boards, replacing lost certificates is a very costly exercise!

Former students who left over a year ago who wish to collect certificates or think that they may have lost certificates are advised to contact the Examinations Officer on 01202 398451 ext 318 or email harewoodexams@avonbournetrust.org  firstly to ascertain whether we still have them and secondly to arrange a time to collect them should this be the case.

If we are able to track down your certificates from our archive then please be advised that the college may request a small administration charge for this service which is donated to college funds.

Lost Certificates

If you have lost your certificates then you will need to contact the examination boards directly. A search for “lost certificates” should lead you to the appropriate page on their website. You will need to quote our Centre Number 55139 in any application.

Exam board websites

•AQA - www.aqa.org.uk

•OCR - www.ocr.org.uk

•Pearson/Edexcel - www.edexcel.com

•Eduqas - www.eduqas.co.uk

•Welsh - www.wjec.co.uk 

•CIE - www.cie.org.uk

General Examination Enquiries

For all examination related enquiries, please phone the Examinations Office on 01202 398451 ext 318 or email harewoodexams@avonbournetrust.org