Whole College Mentoring Programme

Avonbourne College runs academic mentoring sessions for all students. There are two college-wide mentoring weeks within the year, one in November and a second in March.  All students at the college are mentored by a member of staff and set at least three academic SMART targets to work towards over the year:

  • One core subject target
  • One foundation subject target
  • One BLP or other academic target e.g. related to study skills or homework.

These are recorded by both staff and students and are monitored in academic tutor time to encourage students to ensure they are taking action to achieve the targets. Parents are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the mentoring sessions so that they can support their daughter at home with her targets.  Targets set in November are reviewed in the March mentoring session and if applicable, new targets are set.

For any further information on college academic mentoring, please contact Mrs Charlotte Davidson –


ELLI Mentoring Programme

Targeted groups of students from years 10 and 11 are mentored on a bi-weekly basis by College staff under the ELLI (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory) programme.  Students map their own learning power against the dispositions and characteristics of effective lifelong learners and work with their mentors to improve their ELLI profile over the course of the project.

For further information about ELLI mentoring, please contact Mr Keith Williamson –