Pastoral system

Our mission is to provide a personalised, supportive and nurturing environment.  Our aim is to promote positive behaviour and a positive mind set thus encouraging and developing aspirational vision to enable our students to be confident in reaching their future goals


Avonbourne has always been recognised as having an excellent pastoral support unit. It is respected by staff, parents and pupils alike. Since September 2006, the new house heads have continued to build on this reputation by improving and implementing the schools policies whilst maintaining an effective and caring service.

Avonbourne is a very popular school. When students join us in Year 7, they are selected and placed into four House groups, two classes in each house for each year. The names of the Houses were chosen to represent successful and influential women in history: Bronte, Cavell, Fry and Nightingale. We hope that this will inspire them to succeed.

Students need to have a sense of belonging and feel that they are being heard if a problem arises. The house heads listen, try to identify the problem and provide an effective solution and implement it to try and ensure that the students succeed academically.

The house heads develop and maintain good and effective behaviour strategies with the guidance and assistance of the many outside support agencies available to Avonbourne.

The house heads are committed to making sure all students feel safe and secure both physically and emotionally when they are in school. This will enable them to study in an environment that is conducive to learning and one in which they feel valued and respected.

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