International Students

We offer a wide range of opportunities to work with schools, organisations and individuals overseas, both for our students and our staff. Internationalism is evident in all curriculum areas at all levels and students are encouraged to campaign about international issues, to engage with their peers overseas and to recognise that their future may well be working overseas or with international partners.

As a Trust we believe that by educating our students and by continual training of our staff about internationalism we prepare the students better for the world that greets them as they move on to pastures new. This is not just about preparing students for the workplace and job market, both of which are increasingly international, but also about enabling students to have a greater insight into ethical and moral issues affecting the world today.

Therefore, it is no surprise that we value the opportunity to host international students for immersion visits and also for full study programmes of a year or more. Indeed, we work with twelve agencies to provide bespoke learning opportunities for visiting students from abroad. Please see the video below for an insight from two of our Italian students: