Student Ambassadors/Council

​Student Ambassadors

We are a team of eight students nominated as ambassadors for the college representing year 12 and 13. We meet directly with our Director of 6th Form, Ms Kathryn Loughnan on a regular basis. We are responsible for representing the students and the college at key events such Open Evenings and 6th Form socials. 

Student Council

The student representatives provide a strong link between all parties involved in college life. Monthly meetings are held at which two representatives from each form attend. They provide an opportunity for students to raise important issues and make suggestions on how to improve the experience provided.

As a result of the work done by previous council representatives, we made improvements to a number of areas:

  • Improving facilities for private study
  • Improved wireless services so that mobile devices can use network facilities
  • Added a microwave to the atrium facilities
  • ​Created a 6th Form only area in the canteen