Year 7 Indoor Rowing competition - new talent unearthed!

Congratulations to Harewood's year 7 students who participated in the Inter House Indoor Rowing Championships from 11 - 15 September. Our event followed the British Rowing junior championship format where participants attempt to row as many metres as possible in 2 minutes.

Boys were allowed to have as many attempts as they wanted during the week with their highest score counting towards the competition. There was almost 100% participation across the year group with many boys attending the Fitness Room every day (in some cases several times a day!) to try & improve their performance.

Olympic potential performances

With places on the college squad at stake plus an Inter Form competition, competition was hot right from day 1. Top of the year was Samuel McMillan with an immense 495 metres closely followed by Oliver Winter (484 metres) and McKenzie Linton (477 metres). The British Rowing Olympic Potential
standard for this age group is 510 metres, so it is reasonable to expect, given that we are so early into the academic year, that these three boys will be knocking at the door of this elite performance level in the not too distant future.

The Form competition was won by Pele1 who were just 27 metres ahead of Redgrave in second place.

College squad formed

The top 12 finishers have been invited to form the Harewood Year 7 squad for 2017/18 and have the opportunity to represent the College in the National Schools League, Bournemouth Schools Championships, Dorset School Games and National Junior Championships. When they get to the end of year 9 there is also the chance to row on water with our link club, Bournemouth Rowing Club.

In 2017 Harewood won 8 out of a possible 10 National Schools League titles, were winners of the Bournemouth Championships and Dorset School Games and took Sprint Relay bronze at the National Junior Championships. A team of year 9 ,10 and 11 students broke the British Junior 100k relay record and Andrew Hyde, whilst still in year 10, smashed the British Under 15-16 years 500 metre record. Our on water rowers took bronze at the British Schools Championships defeating many heavily funded public schools in the process.

At this stage, the current crop of year 7 rowers look to have similar potential to our squads from previous years and we look forward to them emulating their success.